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Who We Are

Veta is all about
Authentic Traditional Experiences

Whats our story?

Lets start with a simple question.

Why we celebrate every traditional festival and function even though we are so far away from our Home countries?

Is it because we feel a sense of community? Is it the prestige of being part of a great culture? Or, is it simply to keep us attached to our traditional values and roots via the umbilical cord of festivals and functions?

At Veta we believe it’s all of the above and a few more.

The idea behind Veta is to create an authentic experience for our clients when they celebrate their weddings, or their House warmings’ or baby showers away from home.

Our team is dedicated to enable our clients perform every such ritual with all its nuances and provide them with all the resources that are available in this beautiful country that we now call our new home!

Why we celebrate our tradition?

to Keep our culture thriving
It makes us a closely knit Community
Pass on the tradition to next generations
Its a matter of prestige
We get loads of gifts and sweets
To show respect to our elders
It brings us close as a family
All celebrations infuse great positivity
To remind us of our roots

Our Journey so far

Veta's Journey upto this beautiful moment

& Today - We met you!

  • Launched Brand New App Jan 2018
    The newest update to our iOS and Android app makes it event focused, interactive and information centric
  • Funding from OCE August 2017
    Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) awards Urban Boutique (Veta's Parent Company) the 2017 SmartSeed Grant for Entrepreneurship for our excellent work in improving the quality of our community and creating new opportunities
  • App download crossed 1K July 2017
    Veta is a hit in Canada for Traditional shopping and information gathering. First 1000 users aquired across different platforms
  • Veta gets a Green from LTW Dec 2016
    North America's top university business incubator, Carleton University's Lead To Win program reviews and accepts the Business Idea to be part of their accelerator program. Huge gain for Veta on the mentorship and funding avenues
  • Inception of the idea July 2016
    The need to solve the problem of people looking to celebrate their culture abroad and their helplessness in finding the proper items and not having the knowledge to celebrate a traditional event prompted us to start this as a project and then grow it into a company